Work Experience

Aug' 2013 - current: Senior Engineer at PlayCanvas London, UK
  • Working on JavaScript / HTML5 / WebGL engine. Check it out on Github.
  • Front-end using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, Ext.js.
  • Backend using Python, Node.js, Mongo DB, DynamoDB.
  • Creating various demos / games that showcase the engine. Check out Swooop.
Sep' 2011 - Mar' 2014: Lead Game Programmer at Avaca Technologies S.A. Athens, Greece
  • Lead developer for PlayTown - a social MMO
  • Developed entire client using Unity3D.
  • Architected server-client communication using Smartfox Server.
  • Developed custom unit testing libraries, multiplayer replay systems, AI bots that test the game.
  • Implemented build pipeline using Ant and Jenkins.
  • Created deployment and patching systems.
  • Coordinated programmers and artists.
Nov' 2010 - Aug' 2011: Private at the Greek Army Greece
  • Developed army software while fulfilling military obligations. Mainly C and PL/SQL programs.
Feb' 2008 - Dec' 2009: Programmer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe London, UK
  • Worked on the PlayStation Home Development Kit for PlayStation Home.
  • Created stand‐alone C# and C++ tools e.g. editors, compression tools, secure file transfer tools etc.
  • Made 2D and 3D mini-games using Lua.
  • Worked on Maya tools for the game Eight Days.


Aug' 2006 - Dec' 2007: MSE in Computer & Information Science, University Of Pennsylvania PA, USA
  • GPA 3.61 / 4.0
  • Dissertation: "Beesiege" - a game where you control a swarm of bees.
Sep' 2002 - Aug' 2006: Pthychion in Informatics, University Of Piraeus Piraeus, Greece
  • GPA 7.9 / 10.0
  • Dissertation: "Adding Mutative Programming Structures in Java"


  • Proficient with JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, HTML, CSS.
  • Comfortable with Java.
  • Exposed to Ruby, PHP, MEL, Lua.

Tools & Tech

  • Favorite editors / IDEs: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, MonoDevelop.
  • SCMs: Git, Mercurial, SVN & Perforce.
  • Proficient with Unity 3D.
  • Comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, Audacity and can find my way around 3D modelling tools.